Youth Crew AloftWe are pleased to announce that voyages in Young Endeavour will resume in February 2021. In response to advice from government and health authorities, we have developed a number of COVID-19 safe measures to allow voyages to resume as safely as possible.

This information is provided to applicants and their families so that they can make an informed decision about participation, and is current at the time of publication.

The COVID-19 Safe measures currently in place for voyages in Young Endeavour are:

Vaccination. Youth Crew will be asked to provide a copy of their immunisation history statement or COVID-19 digital vaccination certificate as proof of a full course of vaccination prior to embarkation. The full course of COVID-19 vaccination must be completed at least 14 days prior to embarking for the voyage.

Reduced Youth Crew Complement
 Only 18 (eight male, eight female, plus either two male or two female) Youth Crew will be embarked for each youth development voyage to allow for greater physical distancing during the voyage.

Single State Voyages with Local Youth Crew. To eliminate interstate travel and to minimise the number of youth crew traveling through domestic airports, youth development voyages will sail from port to port entirely within the waters of one state solely for applicants from within that state (ACT applicants will be eligible for NSW based voyages). Where a voyage is sailing inter-state, youth crew will be drawn solely from the destination state so that should a border close or a suspected case arise on board participants will not be quarantined outside their home state.

Removing Community Day Sails from the Youth Development ProgramTo reduce the risk associated with community transmission, the youth development program will not include a Community Day Sail at the destination port.

Pre-Voyage COVID-19 Screen.
 72 hours before embarkation, all Youth Crew will undertake a COVID-19 PCR screening test. Youth Crew are to provide their result to YEYS as soon as possible after it is received. In the event of a positive result, participation by that individual will be deferred to a later voyage.

Advice to Youth Crew Prior to Boarding.
 Youth Crew experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms prior to embarkation are to notify the Scheme and withdraw from the voyage. Youth Crew who, within 14 days of scheduled departure, have been in contact with a COVID-19 positive person, have been identified as a close or casual contact, or who have been to a location identified by health authorities as a current hot spot are to notify the Scheme and withdraw from the voyage. 

Voyage Departure and Arrival.
 The Scheme recommends that Youth Crew wear masks when travelling to join the ship. Where possible, Youth Crew should travel to the designated wharf or meeting point alone, or accompanied by a single family member or friend. No family members or friends will be permitted to embark Young Endeavour. This will reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission to both the Staff Crew and Youth Crew from asymptomatic infected people.

Self-Declaration on Embarkation.
 Youth Crew will be required to make a self-declaration to Staff Crew on arrival, declaring whether they are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms, whether they have been in contact with a COVID-19 positive person or have been identified as a close or casual contact, or whether they been to locations identified by health authorities as a current hot spot. If any of those questions prompts an affirmative response, embarkation will not be permitted.

Mask Use
State health authorities recommend the use of face coverings when physical distancing cannot be achieved and acknowledge that strenuous exercise is a valid reason not to wear a mask. Appropriate masks will be embarked for use by Staff and Youth Crew at each individual’s discretion.

For further information please contact the Scheme on 1800 020 444 or via email, or login to update your voyage preferences.

New applicants can create an account and apply for voyages here.