Expanding Young Horizons in Your Community

Community Scholarships

A voyage on the tall ship Young Endeavour is a life-changing experience; empowering young Australians aged 16 - 23. Our voyages offer much more than simply learning to sail. Young people take away with them skills for life including communication, leadership, teamwork, self esteem and a greater understanding of themselves and each other.
Businesses and non-profit organisations such as schools, councils, Rotary, PCYC, sporting clubs, cultural associations or youth agencies can offer a place for a young person of your choice by providing a Community Scholarship aboard Young Endeavour.
As one of the 24-strong youth crew, young people meet the challenges of sailing the tall ship including climbing the 30m mast, setting sails, navigating, keeping watch and taking the helm.  As well they live ‘between decks’ in a close community with other youth crew from a diversity of places and backgrounds.

Read more about the benefits of sail training here.
“From my perspective, it inspires kids to put themselves into positions of leadership. It’s just the best program we’ve ever been involved in.”
Geoff Wing, Principal,
Pennant Hills High School, Sydney.

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity
No prior sailing experience is required, and most people have never sailed before. Youth crew are supervised and supported by a professional Royal Australian Navy crew whose members have been carefully selected and trained to carry out the program and to ensure the highest standards of safety and care.
On the last day of the voyage, the youth crew is given command of the ship for 24 hours. A command team is elected from the group and together the youth crew takes full responsibility for the ship under sail. This is a special and often life-changing experience.
“The Rural Youth Organisation of Tasmania Inc have been involved with the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme for 9 years.  Each year we offer a sponsored berth, which is always highly contested.  All participants have thoroughly enjoyed their time on the ship and cannot speak highly enough of their “experience of a lifetime”.  We feel this experience is a valuable exercise for team building, leadership and communication skills and of course meeting new and interesting people, and most of all having fun.”
Matthew Young
State President
Rural Youth Organisation of Tasmania
“I have learnt that I can push myself to meet challenges that, at the outset seemed near impossible.”
Luke Rayner, 23,
Taringa, Queensland
“Upper Hunter Shire Council has offered Community Scholarships to local youths for many years.  Participants have returned from Young Endeavour voyages with more self confidence and have developed depth of character and leadership competencies…and a number of skills that were otherwise unobtainable for youths born and bred in rural communities.”
Belinda McKenzine, 
Upper Hunter Shire Council

Who is eligible?
Any not-for-profit organisation may fund a Community Scholarship for an eligible young person. To be eligible the selected young Australian must be:
·    An Australian citizen or permanent resident.
·    16  - 23 years old on the day of departure of the voyages you are applying for.
·    Weigh less than 120 kg.
·    Able to swim 50 metres and be in good health. 
A health evaluation must be completed by the participant, which includes doctor’s approval to undertake the voyage. This may then be subject to further approval by the Navy Fleet Medical Officer.
PLEASE NOTE there are certain medical conditions, including some controlled by medication, which preclude participation in the voyage for safety reasons.

These are:

  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Epilepsy
  • Depression and Mental Illness treated by medication
  • Severe Asthma
  • Communicable Diseases such as Chicken Pox, Glandular Fever, German Measles
  • Broken or sprained limbs
  • Pregnancy (a contra indication to sailing in Young Endeavour due to increased possibility of seasickness and other complications such as ectopic pregnancy)
  • If participation is considered inappropriate by the applicant’s doctor

If you have any questions about your participant’s suitability please contact the Voyage Coordinator on 1800 020 444

What’s the cost?
The cost of a Community Scholarship for a standard 11-day voyage is $3,950 (inclusive of GST). The fee includes:
   -    Participation in the Young Endeavour sail training program for a
        nominated youth crew.
   -    Accommodation and meals
   -    A Young Endeavour kitbag and crew shirt
   -    Use of wet-weather gear and safety equipment
   -    Acknowledgement of your organisation in the Young Endeavour 
        Youth Scheme’s Annual Report.

Please note travel costs to and from the ship are not included.


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Community Day Sails

If you are a community organisation working with young people with disabilities your clients can experience the excitement of sailing on the Young Endeavour by joining us for a community day sail.

This offers a brilliant opportunity for those young people who may not be able to participate in an extended voyage at sea.

Community day sails run in each port we visit and any community or youth organisation working with young people aged 12-25 years may apply.

We can accommodate up to 25 guests including workers or supervisors.

And, here's the really good bit, it's completely free of charge, and that includes food & drinks. A day out doesn't get much better than this!

If you think your organisation may be interested in taking part, please check the voyage program for details when the ship visits your nearest port, then contact us on 1800 020 444. 

Please note that due to the layout of the ship at this time, we are unable to accommodate wheelchairs onboard.