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CO's LOG Thursday 23 Aug 2001

Current situation at 1800: Alongside in Esperance Harbour. Voyage complete. Great weather.
After our YC returned from the beach and shops (only their second time ashore this voyage) where end of voyage talks were also conducted, we had a great dinner and then up on deck we were enthralled by some of the YC acts during 'Sod's Opera'.

Another great Esperance day greeted us when we came into port. At midships I presented Voyage certificates and awarded the Order of Australia Emblem to Melissa Tranter from Woronora, NSW for her outstanding contribution to the success of this Voyage. Shortly afterwards and quite reluctantly the YC departed the ship.

Our next Voyage will be to Adelaide, through the Great Australian Bight and we are all looking forward to that and our next team of adventurers...

Stay tuned

Andrew Davis