41° 41' South
148° 37' East
Current experiencing light northeasterly land breezes of 5-10kts which has forced us to motor sailing under fore & aft sails.
Ahoy Shipmates

This morning found us southeast of the Feycinet Peninsula making good ground towards our proposed anchorage at Wine Glass Bay. The wind and sea had abated overnight and we were sailing comfortably under all fore and aft sails. We anchored in the picturesque Wine Glass Bay just after 0800 and after morning brief and cleaning stations all watches competed in their first set of hotly contested rope races. This was followed by a very informative lesson on the scientific art of navigation given by the ships Navigator and resident Meteorologist (weather girl) Paige.

Late morning we managed to get everyone ashore so that Suz could take them on one of her scenic walks to the Hazards Lookout so that they could take in the spectacular view of the Freycinet Peninsula and the ship at anchor in Wine Glass Bay. On return to the beach Hector and I had prepared one of our famous BBQ's and everyone enjoyed a great lunch followed by a swim prior to heading back to the ship.

On return it was time to weigh anchor and continue our passage up the East Coast of Tasmania. Once in open water we set all fore and aft sails and the topsail and conducted a well executed set of tacking drills with all YC proving themselves to be competent at their nominated tacking station.

At present we are 30nm to the southeast of St Helens Point making good ground to the northeast with all onboard settled in for their watches for the night.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav