1° 1' South
1° 1' East
Under blustery and cool conditions
YOUNG ENDEAVOUR commenced the first 5 day voyage of the summer season as 24 Young Australians joined the ship in Melbourne for an adventure under sail. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR departed and the program started with ship tours, ice breakers ie getting to know your watch and line handling drills. At
anchor during the afternoon everyone particpated in three way talks. An activity designed to interact with other watches and speak on behalf of another Youth crew member. As well, climbing aloft to
the lower top for the first time. At sunset \\'Stoney the Chef whipped
up hot choclate and cookies for supper. Overnight all watches had the opportunity to climb to the top gallant yard and continue with line handling drills. Rising at 0630 for a snappy jog on deck before breakfast. Followed by a morning brief, happy hour ie cleaning stations and weighing anchor to conduct sail setting drills prior to
lunch. A typical day on YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. Every one is settling well into the new routines.

Elizabeth, Queensland
Certainly new adventures and experiences. Climbing to the top of the fore mast on the ratlines was amazing, the view around sunset was absolutely mind blowing.