24° 58' South
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Current Situation at 1800: At anchor, Lagoon Anchorage, Platypus Bay, Fraser Island, Temp - cold, Wind sou'east 20kts.
Last night the balmy conditions changed dramatically - from tee shirts and shorts we are now all rugged up against a very nippy southerly wind. The ship tacked twice last night as we made ground against the wind to our anchorage this morning in Hervey Bay.

After a Rule of the Road lecture which was interrupted by a blind dog and owner on a nature walk (Kath and Dion), it was off ashore to the beach for a sports afternoon. Touch rugby, cricket and a walk along the beach were the order of the day whilst the youth crew madly learnt about each other in preparation for this evening's three way talks. As usual the evening was a blast.

Tonight we will stay at anchor and the youth crew will be entrusted to ensure the ship's safety overnight. Tomorrow we will sail from the Bay and say goodbye to the many whales we have seen here. From here it is south toward Brissy and with the present weather pattern we should be in for a few great days' sailing towards the Sunshine Coast.

Written by the babes of BLUE WATCH Emma McIntyre, 23, of King Island, Trisha Caulfield, 18 of Brisbane, Kristy Woolley, 23 of Tassie and Chantal Timms, 30 of Bondi.

We'll tell you. It is a person with whom you dare to be yourself.
It is someone who without thought rubs your back or gets you a glass of water when you are being sea sick.
It is someone who wakes you up at anytime of the night so you aren't late for your watch.
It is someone who cheers you on as u attempt new challenges, such as climbing aloft 30m above the deck in gale force winds and 1.5m swells while tying up the sails.
It is someone who picks up your belongings before inspection so you won't have to sing Row Row Row Your Boat in front of the entire crew.
It is someone who will share their daily ration of four pieces of toilet paper with you.
It is someone who will use whatever strategies it takes to beat the captain who cheats at UNO.
It is someone with whom you can share your good and bad life stories, your aspirations, your fears and anxieties, knowing you will not be judged.
It is someone who will help you to reach your goals.
It is someone who will clean our sea-goggles.
It is someone who is patient when we use part of their 90 second shower time to wash our hair, soap up or shave.
Through tiredness, homesickness, seasickness, extreme temperatures and sunburn we stick together. We get up during all hours of the night to complete whatever tasks must be completed as a team - through any conditions. We have known each other for only 4 days but it feels like forever.
A FRIEND IS SOMEONE WHO: When the rest of the world turns their back on u is still there. We have found these friends in our crew.

Speak tomorrow

Andrew Davis