38° 6' South
144° 39'
At anchor off Portarlington. Wind southerly at 20 knots.
Temp - a chilly 15C.
Situation at 1800:

We're off on Voyage 03 of 2002. We got away on time and our Youth Crew (YC) gave friends and family the traditional YE wave to say goodbye.

After two hours of motoring across the bay we anchored and now the YC are embarking on their first climb. Capuccino maker - here we come.

My crew for this extended 15 day Voyage to Ceduna, SA, are XO - Nath, Nav - Mhanda, Swimmer and Boatman - Ian, White Watch Leader - Dutchy, Red WL - Chook, Blue WL - Rags assisted by Polly, Chef - Karen, Engineer - Barry.

Stay tuned,
Andrew Davis