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CO's LOG Wednesday 16 Jan 02

Current situation at 1800: Anchored off Mersey Bluff, near Devonport. Wind - northerly at 15 knots. Temp 19 C.
Welcome to Voyage 02/2002 - Devonport to Geelong. Our Youth Crew (YC) are on board and we've sailed from port. Tonight we will stay anchored here in this bay and then go climbing aloft - the YC will learn all about their new environment and their home for the next ten days. Tomorrow we will sail at noon and head out into Bass Strait.

My crew for this Voyage are: XO - Nathan Jacobsen (thanks Nath for coming back), Watch officer - Mhanda, White Watch Leader and Bosun - Ian Heldon, Blue WL - Rags, Red WL - Chantal, Engineer - Eddie, Chef - Polly (new guy).

Over the next couple of days I'll talk with some of the YC on the Satellite phone - check out the Captain's Voice Log.

Stay tuned

Andrew Davis