26° 40' South
153° 7' East

Weather - fine, Wind - SW 10 knots, Swell from SE 0.5 metres, Temp - 19 deg. C

Ahoy there Shipmates,

Overnight the ship continued motor-sailing towards Mooloolaba. The wind had died completely during the first watch so we had handed-in all sail with the exception of the centred Main Staysail. Apart from preparations for my Captain’s Setting and Furling, scheduled for first thing this morning, that gave the watches some things to do overnight, including laying aloft to gasket the square sails.

Red Watch sang the attached Wakey Wakey song at 0700, shortly after which I commenced Captain’s Setting and Furling Drills, which enable me to evaluate each watch’s ability to safely set and furl sails, without staff present. This is a requirement before progressing to Command Day. All three watches passed the assessment. While they were still on a high after their success in the morning assessment, I gave the youth crew my Captain’s challenge, which was to set all the fore-and-aft sails, without any input from staff, within 45 min. This they easily completed safely and competently.

We then headed in to Mooloolaba, anchoring in the SW corner of the bay. After lunch we put the Youthies ashore onto the beach to play some sport organised by Super-numery Adrian. Everyone returned onboard by 1500 and we then rigged the rope swing and opened the ‘pool’ for a couple of hours. At 1730 I briefed the youth crew on the aims and requirements of Command Day, which is planned to occur between 9am tomorrow (Sun 05) and 9am Mon 06. They were then given 45 min to conduct their Command Day elections, the results of which are as follows:

Captain: Joshua O’Regan

Sail Master: Tyler Thorogood

Navigator: Meg Rice

Watch Leaders: Jacob McCalman, Joseph Cotton & Joseph Gough

Watch Officers: Ashleigh Clarke, Jack Williams & Paula Keen

Chefs: Ellen Rothery-Small, Corey Cheeseman & Allana Parker

Congratulations to all members of the Youth Crew for what they have achieved in the Voyage so far and to those successful office holders for Command Day.

After dinner we screened the film ‘Around Cape Horn’, which details the adventures of Captain Irving Johnson when he sailed as an ordinary seaman through storms around Cape Horn onboard the massive bark ‘Peking’.

The intention is to remain in our current anchorage overnight and conduct the handover of the Ship to the Youth Crew at 0900 tomorrow. That will begin the adventure and challenge that is Command Day in Young Endeavour.

Until tomorrow evening when we will also hear from Youth Captain Joshua O’Regan.

Yours Aye

Captain Mike




Wouldn’t it be nice if you could sleep in

But Whities have to get out of BED

Isn’t it so nice that we are sailing

To our destination straight ahead

And if the voyage could last foreverrrrrrrrrrrr……………….

We’d stay awake and drink TEA together

Wouldn’t it be NICE.