27° 28' South
153° 39' East

Weather - fine, Wind - SW 10 knots, Swell - southerly 0.5 metres, Temperature - 19 deg. C

Ahoy there Shipmates,

Overnight the ship continued on passage north under sail, averaging 7 knots with just the Topsail, Course and Main staysail set. Wakey Wakey was at 0700 and the Blueys treated us to the attached song to the tune of ‘Bob the Builder’. After a lousy night’s sleep with all the ‘rocking and rolling’ the crew dragged themselves out of bed on the promise of another of Squizy’s delicious breakfasts.

At 0900 we had the usual morning brief and heard from Tim the Navigator, Salty the Sea Dog and Nana. We then set and furled some sails to enable us to Tack the Ship effectively. We then conducted rotational tacks, where the watches experience what the other watches do at Tacking Stations, followed by Demonstrational Tacks where the crew witnessed what happens on the bridge at Tacking Stations, after which we stopped for lunch.

At 1300 we held the next edition of ‘Ropies’ and then the watches got together with their Watch Leaders for Mid-Voyage chats, at which the youthies reviewed their progress towards achieving their personal voyage goals, updating them as necessary.

During the late afternoon the clouds cleared and the wind abated to less than 10 knots from the SW and the swell dropped to less than 0.5 metres from the south. This bodes well for a decent night’s sleep tonight!

The intentions are to remain at sea overnight continuing our passage to Mooloolaba, where we will anchor tomorrow morning, after completing Captain’s Setting and Furling, my assessment of the competence of the Youth Crew to work the sails with a reduced level of supervision, and my Captain’s Challenge, which I will keep as a surprise for the YC.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Mike



Mike the captain, can he sail there?

Mike the captain, not without us!

Matt, Tim & Squizy & Pauly too,

Sumo & Tilly join the crew

Mike and the gang have so much fun

Training the youthies to set the sails up.

Mike the captain, can he sail there?

Mike the captain, not without us!

Shayne, Ricko, Penny climb aloft

Shayne, Ricko, Penny don’t fall off.

Matt the sail master really can’t drive,

He took us to New Zealand,

But we’re still alive.

Mike the captain, can he sail there?

Mike the captain, not without us!

Penny & the blueys brace the yards

Ricko & the reddies heave the clews

Shayne & the whities set the course,

Working together we stay onboard.

Mike the captain, can we go swimming?

Mike the captain, set the rope swing up.

Red, white & blue worked all night

We’ve done our watches

And we’ve done alright.