29° 21' South
153° 31' East

Weather - overcast and showery, Wind - 210 at 25 knots, swell SE 2.5 metres and temperature - 19 deg. C 

Ahoy there Shipmates,

Overnight the Ship remained at anchor in Coffs Harbour. Sail Master Matt woke us all at 0700 and treated everyone to a quick game of ‘Knights, Mounts and Cavaliers’ to get the body and mind active. We then had time for a quick breakfast before everyone closed-up on deck to weigh anchor and set sails to put to sea. The anchor was raised at 0800 and we got underway on engines while the crew set the sails. Outside the shelter of the harbour the wind was 25 knots gusting to 30 and the swell was 2 metres from the south east. The conditions tested the crew’s newly acquired sea legs properly for the first time. We set the Main staysail, Topsail, Course, Top Gallant staysail and the Jib, but not the Mainsail due to us proceeding on a broad reach.

We held the morning brief at 0900 and then undertook Happy Hour. The wind continued to strengthen so the watches furled the Top Gallant staysail and the Jib as the apparent wind strength approached the maximum for these two sails. We continue to make good a solid 7 knots even just with the two squares and one staysail set.

After lunch we held the next edition of Rope Races and then I gave a presentation on Sail Theory. The aim of this brief was to equip the crew with some basic knowledge on the requirements of the Young Endeavour sail plan as well as the wind limitations of the different sails, which will be necessary knowledge for the Youth Crew on Command Day.

We weared-Ship at 1600 at the changeover of watches from a NE heading to NW. We had planned to do some other activities in the afternoon but the wind strength, which hadn’t eased as forecast, prevented us from setting the sails we needed so it was decided to give the watches some free time. Most people took the opportunity to get out of the weather and get some rack time.

It is intended to remain at sea overnight making ground towards our next planned anchorage at Mooloolaba on Sat 04.

Until tomorrow.

Yours Aye

Captain Mike