18° 0' South
122° 13' East
Currently at anchor in Broome Harbour and experiencing light to moderate 5-10kt NW winds.
Hi Everyone,
Welcome to Voyage 14-09 which is from Broome to Exmouth.

Staff Crew for this voyage are:

Captain ��� Gav
Sail Master ��� Kenny
Nav ��� Adam
Watch Officer ��� Bel
Red Watch Leader ��� Jarod
White Watch Leader ��� Paul
Blue Watch Leader ��� Penny
Chef ��� Snowy (first Voyage as Chef)
Engineer ��� Lindsey

Today's voyage commenced with the ship being at anchor in Broome Harbour due to strong winds and a large swell making the Broome Wharf unsafe to embark the Youth Crew. Due to the early arrival of the Youth Crew into Broome and the need to conduct boat transfers to get everyone onboard I decided to start the voyage earlier than usual and by 1440 we had everyone onboard. Once personnel gear was stowed I gave my welcome address and introduced the Staff Crew for this voyage. With the formalities complete the Sail Master kicked off the program with a set of ���ice breakers' followed by ships tours then Sail Masters and Captains talks. Once these activities were complete everyone sad down and enjoyed one of Snow's great dinners. The first night of the voyage is always busy and tonight will be no different. On completion of dinner it was straight into safety aloft briefs. Tonight all watches will be given the opportunity to experience there first climb of the foremast (33 meters to the top) and it is hoped that all will be successful in this first challenge.

The forecast for tomorrow is fine (normal Broome weather) with a 10-15kt north westerly, so the plan is to depart Broome by early afternoon and start making ground to the south.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav