40° 46' South
145° 19' East
At Sea 3 NM east of Stanley in position. Wind from Nor' East @ 8 kts.
Situation at 20:00-

Today marks the middle of the voyage and has been a typically busy day. The morning started at 0400 with an early call to Tacking Stations. After successfully tacking the ship, those not on watch, returned to their bunks until 0700 when they were again
awakened with tuneful wake up call from White Watch. At 0830, following the normal showers and breakfast routine we set into the
business of morning brief and cleaning up the Ship.

Throughout the forenoon the YC conducted Rope Races and recieved a lecture on Sail Theory from yours truly. Meanwhile the
Ship was headed for the Port of Stanley and the infamous 'Nut'. At 1300 after yet another wonderful meal from Stonii and his assistants we sailed to anchor. This was the ideal way to consolidate some of the lessons about balance and drive, that the YC had learn't earlier.

From 1330 - 1700 the YC were ferried ashore courtesy of Lozza and were able to stretch out their legs and play some sport on
the beach before invading Stanley in the endless search for lollies. Tea was served at 1730 with all of the YC safely back onboard and well and truly energised. This was followed by the traditional YOUNG
ENDEAVOUR cinematic experience, for the YC's viewing pleasure.

Immediately following the movie, all hands were piped to the upper decks and preparations were made to sail. At 1935 with the anchor weighed, sails set, and tracks layed off to the east the Ship is now headed for Burnie. Tonight the watches will see the YC face their biggest challenge yet, with the conduct of a major teamwork exercise. It should be a rewarding experience for all.

Youth Crew Entry from Simon Birch, 20 of Gippsland, VIC:

Hello to all! I'm going great with no sea sickness at all. I took the helm very early this morning, and it feels amazing. I've also been up the very, very top in huge 30 knot winds with swells (too much adrenalin to be sick). I'm gettin heaps of footage and photos, can't wait to show you all. The foods great, people are friendly and we are
having a blast. Miss you all!

Youth Crew Entry from Lily Brown, 16 of Mentone, VIC:
Hi everyone! I'm having an awesome time, getting cold and wet but certainly not hungry (thanks to Stonii!) The weather has been pretty good and it was nice to be on land again today. I've finally gotten over sea sickness and I feel great! Missing you all...

CAST LOOSE: This the term used to describe the untying of gaskets whilst aloft. This is conducted in order to prepare the Square Sails for setting. A YC member may 'lay aloft
and cast loose the Top Sail'. The reverse process of tying up the gaskets in order to put the sail away is known as 'sea furling'.

Thought of the Day:

'I believe that any man's life will be filled with constant and unexpected encouragement, if he makes up his mind to do
his level best each day, and as nearly as possible reaching the high water mark of pure and useful living.'
- Booker T. Washington

More To Follow,

Paul Barrie, RAN
Acting Commanding Officer