34° 7' South
151° 28' East

Currently located 14nm to the SE of Botany Bay sailing on a port beam reach under fore and aft sail and experiencing strong 20-25kt NE winds with a 1.5m swell. Current temperature is 19 degrees.


\\\"\\\"Hi Everyone, 

Welcome to the first Captains Log for World Voyage 2015. Our journey commenced in the magnificent harbour city of Sydney which really turned on a spectacular day for us this morning and providing that we get favourable winds will see us arrive in Rio de Janeiro around the 15th Feb 2015 . We have a magnificent freshly refitted tall ship to sail, a highly motivated Youth Crew and some challenging oceans to cross, what an adventure!!. I would like to introduce the highly experienced Navy Staff Crew that will undertake this voyage:

Captain – Gav
Sail Master – Kenny
Navigator – Adam
BOATSO – Matt\\\"\\\"
Red Watch Leader – Taffy
White Watch Leader – Sandy
Blue Watch Leader – Jodie
Chef – Aaron
Engineer - Lindsey
2nd Engineer - Shean
Doctor - Tenille
Medic Lauren 

The voyage commenced at 1000 today when the new Youth Crew joined Young Endeavour berthed alongside at the Cruiser Wharf at Garden Island. Once all gear had been stowed, Customs cleared and friends and family given a tour of the Ship everyone mustered on wharf to await the arrival of the Governor-General, Chief of Navy, Commander Australian Fleet and the Parliamentary Secretary. 

\\\"\\\"At 1030 our VIPS arrived and all were introduced to the Staff and Youth Crew. Speeches Followed and then we were given the opportunity to say our emotional farewells to an extremely large gathering of families, friends and guests. 

Once completed everyone boarded the ship and once we had conducted a quick safety brief we were ready to depart. 

At 1130 lines were cast off and we slowly departed our berth immediately taking station astern of the Fire Tug ‘Shirly Smith’ who in spectacular fashion escorted us out of the harbour. 

\\\"\\\"Once in open water our new crew put the ship under fore and aft sail and we quickly completed the 15nm passage down to Botany Bay were we came safely to anchor at 1400. Once at anchor we conducted Captain and Sail Master chats then undertook refresher climbs of the foremast. Dinner followed then everyone mustered at midships to celebrate Youth Crew member Katherine Adena’s 28th birthday complete with chocolate birthday cake with sparklers. 

Once the cake was devoured the anchor was weighed and we quietly departed Botany Bay. Once in open water in moderate to strong north easterly winds the ship was brought under fore and aft sail and a course shaped for Cooks Strait, New Zealand. 

The time is now 2130 and all of the crew have now settled into their watches for the night. It has been an extremely successful first day and I really pleased with the enthusiasm and motivation shown by the crew thus far.

Until tomorrow, take care. 

Yours Aye 

Captain Gav