19° 45' South
147° 44' East

Currently at anchor at Upstart Bay and experiencing Mod-Strong SE winds with nil swell.

Hi Everyone,

At sunrise this morning we were located 8nm south east of Cape Upstart experiencing 15-20kt south easterly winds and sailing under a reduced sail plan so as not to enter Upstart Bay to early in the morning.

Following breakfast we had a call from HMAS Wewak, which is one of the RAN’s Heavy Landing Craft, who whilst on transit back to Cairns had observed us under sail and requested a sail past. This was approved and both crews exchanged pleasantries as Wewak passed down our starboard side and continued her passage north.

Once Wewak was clear, the ship was called to tacking stations and we completed a good set of demonstrational tacks. This activity gives all of the Youth Crew the opportunity to witness the process of tacking the ship from the bridge as well as giving me a chance to explain some of the unique handling characteristics of Young Endeavour. On completion of these tacks I initiated a man overboard exercise (MOBEX) so that the Youth Crew could be given the experience of handing in all sail and recovering someone (on this occasion a lifebuoy) from the water.

With this activity successfully completed we proceeded into Upstart Bay were we came safely to anchor at 1145. Following lunch the Youth Crew were ferried ashore to an isolated beach were they conducted mid voyage talks then were given the opportunity to have a leg stretch, play beach sports or enjoy a refreshing swim. Once back onboard the Boats Officer gave a short presentation on \\'Rules of the Road\\' which was followed by dinner.

This evening to finish of the days activities the Watch Leaders sat down with their watches and completed the ‘Apples and Onions’ communication exercise then the ship reverted to anchor watches overnight ensuring that everyone gets a good nights rest in preparation for an early start tomorrow morning (sailing at 0530) and another extremely busy day.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav