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CO's LOG Saturday 19 Jan 02

Current situation at 2100: Alongside in Grassy Harbour, King Island. Wind nor'esterly at 15 knots. Temp 19 C.
Last night we left the islands (the Fleurieu Group) off the north west tip of Tassie and with a freshening breeze made landfall on King Island early this morning. The sailing thus far has been good but we need a little more wind. A little more swell caused a spate of fish feeding earlier today.

Just before lunch we berthed in Grassy Harbour and after lunch Adrian The Bus Driver arrived and the YC left for a tour of the Island. A great day was had by all and the bus tour by Adrian Gobels Historical and Shipwreck Site Tours is highly recommended if ever you go to King Island. Thanks to Adrian and Anna.

This evening we played hacky sack and cricket and then had dinner on deck. Tonight we held an absolutely hilarious three way talks - well done YC. No YC entry tonight - we're going to look at fairy penguins.

We will remain here overnight and sail early in the morning for destinations various. Needless to say we need to cross Bass Strait to get to the other side of the pond.

Stay tuned
Andrew Davis