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CO's Log Thursday 31 May 01

Current situation at 1200: Alongside Humbug Wharf, Weipa. Wind - it's blowing. Temp - pretty hot. Position - seated, facing forward.
The YC put on a great concert last night with some very original acts. This morning we weighed anchor for the last time this Voyage and sailed over to this berth. The passage from Cairns has been a long one and we sailed all the way up through the Great Barrier Reef and into the Gulf. The YC were an excellent team and worked extremely well together making the Voyage an outstanding success. Well done team! Very few 'APS'. I know it's incorrect grammar but you know what I mean. I think the YC had a ball and made some lasting friendships - the Staffies certainly enjoyed having them onboard and would welcome them back any day.

They left the ship about an hour after we arrived and were shuttled out to the airport. They're all catching the same plane ��� a sea of yellow shirts singing three blind jellyfish. The airhostess will think 'APS' for sure.

The Order of Australia Emblem for this Voyage goes to Dan Draper, 16, of Leeton NSW for his outstanding dedication and teamwork throughout the passage. Dan missed out on a position on Command Day where he wanted to be either Captain or XO. He didn't let his disappointment affect his performance and was still a great team player. Congratulations Dan.

That's all from me til Monday. The next Voyage is from Weipa to Darwin and it's 17 days long. We plan on visiting as many remote places enroute as we can to celebrate Federation and to show the ship to communities who rarely get the chance to see Australia's National Sail Training Ship.

Stay tuned

Andrew Davis