27° 14' South
153° 8' East
At anchor off Redcliffe. Wind: South at 10 knots, Temp:18c, Cloud: 6/8.
Situation at 20:00-

Command day came to an end this morning at 08:00 when Captain Shail passed the Telescope, symbol of command in the Navy, back to Captain John. During the previous 24 hours the Youth Crew took command of the complex machine that YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is and carried out every aspect involved in operating the Ship. This included
navigating, setting and furling sails, cooking meals, cleaning stations and a host of other duties. They accomplished all these
things without input from the Staff Crew, and acted totally on their own initiative.

As the Ship commenced the long pilotage through Moreton Bay, the Youth Crew were divided into three groups and went through the command day debrief process. Staff Crew act as facilitators and the Youth Crew critically analyse the command day experience. The aim is to determine if anything the Youth Crew learned or experienced can be transferred into their future lives. This process took two hours and
proved to be very valuable.

While Captain John, Navigator Phil and Watch Officer Loz piloted the Ship through the Bay, torrential rain set in and the
upperdeck received a greatly appreciated fresh water washdown. After lunch, the Youth Crew were able to catch up on some missed sleep. At 14:45 YOUNG ENDEAVOUR anchored off Redcliffe, and almost immediately preparations for the Ship's concert started.

The concert commenced at 19:30 with the Staff Crew performing yet another of their original productions. Each of the watches took it in turn to perform their productions, and several individuals and
duos also provided acts. It is amazing how much talent and imagination their is in 24 young Australians. The Staff Mess disco
has just finished, and I think a new record has been set for the number of people dancing in such a small space. Overnight the Youth Crew will keep anchor watches, ensuring the Ship remains snug at anchor.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship is fully compliant with the Global Maritime Distress Signalling System. This includes being
fitted with duplicate VHF (line of sight communications) and MF/HF (long range communications) radios capable of receiving and transmitting distress signals and the Ship's position with the touch of a single button. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is also fitted with satellite communications allowing voice and data transmission.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Gaff- The spar holding up and out the top of a four-sided fore-and-aft sail, usually the Spanker or
Mainsail.Yardarm- The outer most section of a yard.

Thought of the Day: The truth is that part of the essence of mountain climbing is to push oneself to one's limits. Inevitably this
involves risk, otherwise they would not be one's limits. This is not to say you deliberately try something you know you can't do. But you do deliberately try something which you are not sure you can do.
Woodrow Wilson Sayre.

Yours, Aye

John Cowan