24° 8' South
151° 52' East
At anchor off Seventeen Seventy. Wind: light airs, Temp: 24c, Cloud:0/8.
Situation at 21:00-

As we made our way across Hervey Bay overnight, the wind increased to 10 knots and the Iron Topsail was furled. Throughout
the night the Ship made good speed and at sunrise we found ourselves in sight of the Western shore. The Youth Crew were aloft, enjoying both the magnificant sunrise and an impressive display from a pod of Dolphins.

Today's morning brief saw Salty Sea Dog Lukish entertain us with more of his visual explanations of the nautical origins of
everyday pharses. Today it was\ To turn a blind eye\". Engineer Rags made a decent harvest for his scran bag which had most of the Youth Crew inside the main mast Fife rail paying the piper. At 09:00 we sailed to anchor near the village of Seventeen Seventy-named for the arrival date of Captain Cook. After a quick Happy Half Hour, the Youth Crew were ferried ashore for a day at the beach. A picnic lunch was followed by a round robin tournament in beach cricket. I am
pleased to report that the Staff Crew remain unbeaten throughout 2003.

All hands were back onboard by 17:00. Chef Stony outdid himself with a terrific \"Teak Deck Barbeque\" of Steak, Kebabs , Barra
and all the trimmings. After the upperdeck was squared away and the Galley secure, the Youth Crew launched into their three-way talks. Divided into groups of three, they are given 30 minutes to learn the life story of the other two members of their group. They then have to role play out one of the groups life story (chosen at the last
moment) to the assembled Ship's Company.

The Youth Crew have been assigned their anchor watches for overnight. They have had a terrific day ashore and will top that off
with a few extra hours sleep.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship if equipped with two 444 kg forged steel anchors These are attached to 5 shackles (450') of 17.5 mm cable that has a breaking load of 18 tonnes. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR has safely anchored in winds up to 55 knots.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Fife Rail- The pin rail directly at the foot of a mast, so named because it was traditionally made from
Oak trees grown in County Fife in Scotland.There are now few Oak trees left in Fife. Tack- To change direction of the Ship by passing the bow through the wind, so that the wind passes from one side of the bow to the other.
Thought of the Day: An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly
considered. Gilbert Keith Chesterton.

Yours, Aye

John Cowan

Hey everyone!
I'm having the most fantastic time aboard. It's *about* Thursday and everything's going along nicely, making heaps of mates and working harder than ever! We've learnt heaps about sailing, like climbing 30m aloft in the middle of the night and fending off seasickness at the same time. I've had to leave coffee and cardgames to say hi to
everyone (it's a hard life), especially Matilda and Lily, hope you're well, and feed my fish...not too much! Much love, have fun on land.
Nat xx
PS Hi Penola!

G'day everybody. I'm having a fantastic time aboard during I'm learning a lot of life skills I did not know about before. The
weather is great, the shipmates are friendly. Even when I was feeling sick I was having the time of my life. Hope the the dog is not missing the real exercise I would have been giving him.

Who would have thought on the first day that I would learn to like the rocking of the ship!! Or that I could climb aloft and think about ropes instea d of the height. Today was awesome. After being woken up at insane unthinkable hours, we watched the sun rise while dolphins swam around the ship. And tonight we did the hokey pokey!! What more
could you want!! =)

Fiona, Melbourne