18° 17' South
121° 17'

Situation at 1800 Tuesday 17 July 2001: Course 250, Speed 7 knots, under all plain sail. Conditions: wind SE 20 knots, overcast, temp 21 degrees.
The last 24 hours have been an intense learning period for the Youth Crew. Overnight watches were commenced and we started to settle into life aboard ship. During their watches most made it to the topgallant yard, some 35 metres above the deck, which was a great effort in the continuing cold and wet conditions. This morning after 'happy hour' (cleaning stations) our prayers were answered, the rained stopped but the wind remained. At 1000 we weighed anchor and commenced motoring towards Fremantle while the Youth Crew learnt how to set and furl most of the sails and the day culminated with tacking stations at 1630. Tacking ship is an all hands evolution where we turn the ship through the wind adjusting yards and trimming sails in a well-coordinated display of teamwork.

All now are very tired but justly pleased with an excellent effort to bring themselves from a group of complete strangers and landlubbers all (well nearly all) to a fully functional sailing ship crew in such a short time. It is indeed very rewarding to be a part of the process.

Now we are bowling along with the wind slightly abaft the beam and all plain sail set. Despite some signs of seasickness spirits remain high as we make excellent progress towards North West Cape, at this rate some two days away.

Until tomorrow,

Cap'n Bob