35° 54' South
150° 30' East
At sea under storm sails. Wind South at 45 kts gusting 60 kts. Sky 6/8 overcast.Temp 19c. Sea/Swell 6 metres.
Situation at 20:00-

As we made ground to the South last night, the watches were able to gain practise in setting and furling the various sails. The
majority of the Youth Crew have proven themselves capable of accurately steering YOUNG ENDEAVOUR and overall they have settled
into the routine of life at sea.

At today's morning brief Salty Sea Dog Loz enlightened us on the nautical origin of the term \ Hijack\". Engineer Stewy showed his
considerate nature and only made a modest haul for the \"scran bag\". But all hands are on notice that tomorrow he will be considerately tougher. Happy hour proved to be a lively evolution. No sooner would
the smell of the cleaning products (made in Oz) be noticed then a made rush to the upperdeck would ensue. Very curious!

The remainder of the forenoon was taken up with the first installment of rope races and Navigator Spanky giving a lecture on the black art that is his profession. Just as forecast, the Southerly change hit us at 11:15. In the space of a few minutes the wind backed around 150 degrees and doubled in strength. Throughout the afternoon the wind and sea continued to build and sail was reduced accordingly. All hands turned to and for a few hours most of the green faces were
too busy to realise how poorly they were feeling.

We are now Northbound for an anchorage tomorrow morning in Jervis Bay. This will provide some respite from the rough weather of the last two days with a chance to stretch our legs on the beach and knock the worst of the salt off. Despite the weather, all hands are doing well and working hard at learning the myriad different lessons
about sailing a tall ship.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR FACT FILE: The Ship has a suite of thirteen sails to choose from. These range from from the Drifter, used for
very light wind, to the Storm Jib and Trysail, used for heavy weather. Being a Brigantine, YOUNG ENDEAVOUR carries square sails from the foremast and fore-and-aft sails from the mainmast and stays.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR GLOSSARY: Jib-A triangular sail traditionally set on a stay from the Jib-Boom to the forward most mast, or the forward most triangular fore-and-aft sail where there is no Jib-Boom. Spanker- The after most fore-and-aft sail, quadrilateral
in shape and set between the Mast, the Boom and the Gaff.

Thought of the day- The measure of a man's real character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out. Rhomas

Yours, Aye

John Cowan