Voyage name: 
11 - 21 July
32 40.4' S
152 27.7' E
Weather: fine, Wind: 200 / 10 kn, Swell: 180 1.0 m, Temp: 16 deg. C
Remained at sea for 24 hrs. Focussed on sail handling and coastal navigation practical experience.
After a good night of downwind sailing on the square sails we conducted the daily brief and the got into Demonstrational Tacks. They are conducted to enable youth crew to observe what happens on the bridge when we tack or wear ship. This, like all of the briefings and practical training, are aimed at preparing the Youthies for Command Day. This was followed by all watches laying aloft to sea-furl the square sails.
After another of Chef Keely's fabulous lunches the Youthies had some down time so they could do some washing, have a siesta or relax on deck for 90 minutes.
At 1400 Watch Leaders conducted mid-voyage chats to discuss with their watches the progress of the goals they set at the start of the voyage, and revise them if necessary.
Rope races round 4 was conducted at 1530.
It is intended to remain at sea overnight conducting coastal navigation en route to Broken Bay.

Until tomorrow,
Yours aye, Captain Mike