19° 28' South
147° 42' East
Wind south 15-20 kts, passing showers
After a relaxing day at anchor off Magnetic Island yesterday we all returned to enjoy a tasty BBQ dinner cooked by Eddie (the engineer) and Hektor (the crazy sailing master). The evenings entertainment consisted of three way talks where watch members got to know two other members from the other watches. Once again more sleep as we settled into anchor watches overnight.

We awoke this morning to find that Townsville's protective shield was no longer working - the rain had again caught up with us!! In light wind and through lashings of rain, we weighed anchor and headed south. After a quick round of rope races after lunch, it was into demonstrational tacks in preparation for command day - which is drawing ever closer...

Below are comments from some of the Youth Crew:

melissa s
The Young Endeavour has been a once in a lifetime experience. I have made so many amazing friendships, stepped out of my comfort zone SO many times (i've walked in crocodile infested areas while it was pouring down rain, as well as climbed up to the top of the mast) and grown as a person. This voyage has made me a stronger person and im so glad to have been able to share this experience with so many amazing young people, and look forward to what the rest of the voyage may bring.

Nathan H
This voyage has been fantastic. The first few days were physically and mentally gruelling running through many drills and learning all about the boat. Each day it continues to get better and so far yesterday (saturday - which marks the halfway mark on the journey) was the highlight. My watch was on from 0400-0800 and we got to see the sunrise and a humpback whale beforing anchoring up at Magnetic Island. We swum around the ship as well as jumping off the boat, with some of us doing back flips off the bowsprit. It was such a relaxing day and the weather was perfect.
Although it has rained a fair bit on this trip, the weather has made for fantastic sailing with winds of up to 25knots on some days. Doing life for 10 days with 23 other youth crew plus staff has been phenomenal and i have made some amazing friendships.
I definitely recommend a voyage aboard the young endeavour to anyone who wants a challenge and a great time!

Jono R
This voyage, so far, has been an amazing passage of discovery for the youth crew involved. Our first day out to sea showed around two thirds of the crew what sea sickness really meant, leaving me glad I've never been afflicted by it :P. The past days have seen me doing things I'd never thought I could do, from straddling a yard ten storeys above the swell to impersonating a beauty therapist from orange! Just having passed the half-way point, we have learnt amazing amounts about the operation of a brigantine, and the crew having spent many hours together have gelled like a true unit - I feel confident in the next few days we can and will be sailing this ship by ourselves, testing our mettle and showing our better halves. I have to say however Speedy (the chef) has been fattening me up - I'm going to have to diet when I get home as the food is too good and too plentiful to resist! It's been and will be a blast - Jono

Until tomorrow...

Ian Hibbard
Voyage Captain