20° 47' South
149° 40' East
Wind south-easterly at 20 - 25 knots. Weather fine.
Yesterday afternoon saw the winds moderate to 18 knots,providing some relief for several of the youth crew. A quiet
afternoon allowed many to catch up on a bit of sleep, a much valued commodity at sea. A delicious dinner prepared by Mac was
enjoyed by many more members than lunch, a sign that most youth crew have found their sea-legs.

The perfect sailing conditions saw YOUNG ENDEAVOUR continue to make her way south overnight. Last night was also the forum for a major teamwork exercise. This activity conducted in watches commenced with the youth crew being asked to articulate a word that describes teamwork. The youth crew were then tasked with an activity designed to challenge their collective knowledge of the ship, and
their teamwork skills.

The activities conducted varied with each watch, but many valuable lessons were learnt by all. The importance of communication and leadership when working in a team was highlighted. Also several
sailing skills were consolidated, making the youth crew almost ready for Command Day.

A highlight of the sailing last night was the setting of the Topsail. This square sail - on the middle yard is the first square sail that we have been able to set this voyage. The square sails work best when the wind is greater than 10 degrees abaft the beam (100 degrees from right ahead), and essentially push the ship
downwind. This has been difficult to achieve with predominately head winds or light winds so far.

At Morning Brief, it was announced that the youth crew have reached Stage Two with their climbing. This significant milestone
indicated that the staff are happy with the safety procedures used by the youth crew aloft, and therefore no longer need to climb with staff supervision. An excellent achievement, and an important step in
the lead up to Command Day.

After another exciting round of rope races, a tied round between White and Blue watch, the watches demonstrated their ability
to set and furl sails without staff direction. The high level of skill displayed, particularly with respect to correct safety procedures mean the youth crew are ready in all respects for Command
Day tomorrow.

Young Endeavour Fact File:
YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is fitted with twin Perkins 6 Cylinder Turbo Sabre Main engines extracting 212BHP at 2400RPM. These engines drive twin 3 bladed fixed pitch propellors through twin disc reduction reversing gearboxes. The engines
(nicknamed 'Iron Topsails') provide additional propulsion whilst underway and manoeuvering whilst coming alongside or
departing berths.

Thought of the Day:
'By all that's wonderful, it is the sea, I believe, the sea
itself - or is it youth alone? Who can tell? But you here,
you all had something out of life: money, love - whatever one
gets on the shore - and tell me, wasn't that the best time,
that time when we were young at sea: young and had nothing,
on the sea that gives nothing, except hard knocks - and
sometimes a chance to feel your strength...'
from 'Youth' by Joseph Conrad

Yours Aye,

Phil Gaden
Acting Commanding Officer

Youth Crew Impressions:

Nick 22, Hobart
The voyage so far has been great. Having an amazing time and realising just how much I'm not missing work at the moment, as well
as the good'ol Tassie weather! Already beginning to wake up to the fact that I'm going to miss this experience a great deal when Wednesday ticks over.

Nathan 23, Sydney
So far this has been fantastic. Today everyone seems to be over their sea sickness so all are up and about working on the ropes etc. Can't say i'm missing work or the weather back home as it is absolutely
perfect sunny skies and light winds. Hello everyone back home see ya soon.

Daren 21, Mackay
Been having a great time, loved the chop we came through yesterday and I was lucky enough to not get sick at all. Climbed to the Topgallant Sail yesterday also, was great fun! Can't wait to see everyone when I get back. Bye.