34° 23' South
151° 18' East
Wind - NE 20 knots, sea ans swell low, warm and sunny
Ahoy Shipmates,

The Rolex Sydney-Hobart Race is off with a rush! The big Maxi's are getting good speeds heading south on the fresh nor'easterly we are experiencing - we are doing well too, making a good 6 -7 knots under all plain sail. We are presently positioned towards the back of the fleet as we undertake our stand by radio relay role.

The Youth Crew are working hard - so far today we have taught them the ropes and can tack the ship as a crew - presently we have settled down into watches overnight. We have had a few come down with sea sickness, but all are in good spirits.

By tomorrow morning we should be south of Jervis Bay; hopefully we will make good time in the favourable conditions we are getting. Tomorrow the forecast has a southerly change later in the day, so the game plan is to go offshore from the rhumb line (the direct track to Tasman Island, a mark of the course) where we will pick up 1-2 knots of current to help us south. We are using the latest current chart from the CSIRO ocean currents website, and so far the forecasts are right on the money - so all is fair sailing for now.

So, until tomorrow, shipmates,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer