20° 35' South
149° 31' East
Wind - SE 20 knots, sky clear, cool; Champagne Sailing!
Ahoy Shipmates,

Welcome to the Captain's Log for Voyage 12/08. Captain Gav is off taking a well earned break, so I will be the Captain for the voyage. So far, so good...

After we farewelled a small group of family and friends at Hamilton Island yesterday, we decided to stay alongside overnight due to the gale forces winds in the area. This didn't change the program at all, and by 2300 last night we had all of the youth crew fully inducted into the ship and her routine, including first climb all the way to the topgallant yard, 30m off the water.

This morning we turned to at 0630 with early morning activity, followed by \colours\" and \"happy hour\" - I love the sound of cleaning....

Shortly after 1000 we cast off the lines and set sail from beautiful Hamilton Island for the first leg of our trip. During the day we worked hard at sail handling drills, so that by 1630 this afternoon we were able to tack the ship as a crew - it was an awesome effort to get this far and the team are putting in well.

Overnight we will complete our first sea watches - due to the navigationally confined space within the Great Barrier Reef, I can see a need to tack at least three more times during the night. Those who are seasick have been briefed on the requirement - you can either lie there and feel sick, or get up and work and feel sick - the latter is the preferred option, because although the sickies don't feel any better (or worse), the work gets done! FYI Kelsry, your Mum was the first to go!

The weather is forecast to moderate tomorrow, so we will shoot for an anchorage off Brampton Is (nth of Mackay) tomorrow night. Tomorrow will be a busy day with navigation and sail throey lectures, and more practical sail handling drills. I'll let you know how it goes...

Until tomorrow, me Hearties,

Yours Aye,

Captain Chris"