22° 59' South
150° 55' East
Wind - South Easterly 15-20 knots
Sea - slight, swell nil.
Hello Shipmates,

What a fantastic 24 hours - the weather really has been good for us. We made good time from Fraser Island overnight under engines. This morning we had morning brief, happy hour and then Demonstration Tacks. These are where everyone gets to come up to the bridge in turn to witness how we control the ship during tacking stations - it's a pretty important preparation for Command Day (which by the way, will be on Monday).

This afternoon we anchored on the north side of Great Keppel Island and everyone got to go ashore on the beach for a swim and a run around for a couple of hours. After we came back onboard we sailed from anchor, and we are now making good time in the freshening breeze under a full press of canvas. Shortly we will be shutting down the generator and all of the noise making devices and will \silent sail\". Later tonight we will have the \"bear\" exercise, which is a team and leadership activity.

Tomorrow we will hopefully get to anchor at Middle Percy Island about lunchtime, and we will have a sports afternoon ashore followed by a BBQ. Once we get back onboard it will be into command day elections.

Until tomorrow, Me Hearties,

Yours Aye,

Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer"