35° 28' South
151° 27' East
Wind (just changed) SSW 35 knots, overcast and cool.
Ahoy Shipmates,

What a busy 24 hours we have had. After our arrival and initial lectures at CRESWELL yesterday we had a good sleep, and started our morning with a swim (compulsory). We then had brekky (The Sunday \fat boy\"), morning brief, happy hour and Brad's Rule of the Road spectacular (or \"how not to run into things at sea\"). We sailed just after 10AM, and after lunch we had rotational tacks, where everyone gets to tack the ship from each others' stations to see how it all works.

This afternoon we sailed out of Jervis Bay under a full press of sail, making a cracking eight knots (15 kmph) and lookin' good. We have now shortened sail and are awaiting the passage of a southerly front which is sitting on the horison looking menacing....

To tell you about their voyage so far, here are YC Sandra, Gemma and Jemima:

Hello to everyone from Scoresby, Musswellbrook and Narrabri! Considering the first real 24hrs at sea were only Jemima and Arjun werent sick everyone has come up smiling upon seeing the sun rising for the first time this morning. We are certainly working hard and growing muscles, however this is certainly counterbalanced by the amount of food we have been eating (this is a fairt bit). We realised we came on here as passangers and will leave as cargo!
We would like to thank our Nana, without whom we would have no clothes or handy hints such as if your wedgie is too big when aloft, use a crow bar!
So from human singing water fountains, play school punishment songs and zooper doopers at all hours we are having a ball!
Quote of the day: \"I like the cut of your Jib!\"

(p.s. we feel like we are drunk but we haven't been drinking!)

MMMmmmm, well, we can't be held responsible for what goes on inside people's heads, but we do promise to send everyone home with all of their fingers and toes!

Until tomorrow,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer