37° 58' South
149° 13' East
Average winds of 45-50 knots and gusts to 60
Ahoy Shipmates,

What a difference a few hours makes! After I sent in yesterday's log,
we received a \Priority Gale Warning\" for Bass Strait. Fearing that
the weather would deteriorate significantly over the next 24 hours,
we elected to weigh anchor and sail to Eden at 1900 last night so we
would miss the worst of it.

Overnight the wind and sea has become very rough, with average winds
of 45-50 knots and gusts to 60. During the day today the sea and
swell have increased to 6-8 meters. Fortunately the wind is westerly
and going where we want to go - I have to say it is pretty
exhilarating to surf down the face of the waves in a 240 ton
surfboard at 17 Knots!

The Youth Crew are performing superbly, with many having the
challenge of working aloft to furl the square sails in the heavy
weather. Everyone is well, but due to the heavy weather we have
suspended all activities with the exception of watchkeeping, the
daily brief and \"Happy Hour\"(cleaning stations). We should be out of
the weather and at anchor in Twofold Bay by about midnight tonight.

Until tomorrow,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer "