21° 1' South
149° 24' East
Wind NE 5-10 Knots, sea calm, a cool evening.
Ahoy Shipmates,

A busy day we have had! It all started this morning at 0630 with a swim for Early Morning Activity, followed by \Colours\" and Morning Brief, during which \"Nanna Diesel\" returned clothes and other items left lying around to thier owners - but when \"she\" does something for you, you must do something for \"her\" - in this case sing a song....

After \"Happy Hour\" (and a clean ship) Jarod explianed the mysteries of \"Rule of the Road at Sea\" before another of Bails' great lunches. After lunch we sailed and set a full press of canvas to capture as much of the light breeze as possible. This afternoon we had a sail theory lecture (\"You're AWESOME Captain Chris\") and a second round of Rope Races - won by the Reddies.

Tonight we are sailing through the coal ships at anchor off Hay Point, before we get into a bit of a blow tomorrow - should be good sailing.

To tell you about her experience to date, here is Fliss:

\"So far, this trip has been great fun! We've had really good weather (good for sunbaking and washing clothes, though possibly not so good for sailing - even when we had all the sails up this afternoon, we were still cruising at a steady half a knot! We're all still learning the ropes, but we're doing pretty well (GO RED WATCH!) and I'm feeling pretty confident that we'll be able to run the ship on our own by Command Day.

I got to take the helm for a while this afternoon, and learned that steering a boat is quite different to steering a car, but it's still possible to fishtail! I've also been trying to learn about navigating and sailing history, but unfortunately none of the staffies can tell me where the terms \"tack\" and \"wear\" come from, so if you know the answer, let me know!

We got to see some dolphins and a whale jumping along near the boat today, which was pretty exciting. And the food has been fantastic - I reckon even if I was seasick I still wouldn't be able to turn down a second helping of Bails's steak with mushroom sauce!!

I'm really looking forward to going on watch tonight and learning more about how the different parts of the ship all work together to make us go forward (hopefully without nearly crashing into the reef again!) I can't wait to find out what happens on the rest of the voyage... stay tuned, folks!\"

Until tomorrow me hearties,

Yours Aye,

Captain Chris"