38° 37' South
144° 31' East
The weather is fine with a light south easterly wind blowing us along
our track at 5kts with all fore and aft sails set.
Ahoy Me Hearties,

Well, Voyage 05/06 has gotten off to a great start! We departed
Geelong late yesterday and after fond farewells to family and friends
we left Corio Bay and got to anchor at Rosebud at 2100. On the way we
we got to know each other, did our first safety lectures and ship
tours. After Speedy's excellent dinner we had the Captain's and XO's
introductions and went for aour first climb. Later in the evening we
completed the second climb to the T'Gallant - 30 m off the
water: awesome.

This morning we started at 0630 with early morning activity, and
after breakfast we had our first morning brief before getting into
cleaning stations and some safety lectures. We weighed anchor at
1000, and departed Port Philip Bay via the rip just before lunch.
This afternoon we have conmpleted deck safety and setting and furling
drills, and soon we will learn to tack the ship as a crew.

Tomorrow we will go alongside at Grassy Harbour on King Island, where
we hope to take a tour of the Island.

Until tomorrow shipmates,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway