39° 0' South
147° 49' East
Wind SSW 15 knots, swell low, sea low, clear and warm
Ahoy Shipmates,

Another busy day in the life of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR! Overnight we anchored in East Cove on Deal Island; unfortunately we arrived too late to have a BBQ ashore, but we were able to get to the island for a walk this morning.

The seasickness which a bunch of people have been suffering has eased off, with only a few now laid low. We are now enroute to Eden, NSW, and will pass to the south of the oil rigs in Bass Strait overnight.

To tell of your experiences so far, here is YC \Smash\":

After the bout of sea sickness was remedied with an anchored night, we went ashore to Deal Island where rain prevented us from walking to the light house, however we explored the islands coast, visited the museum and dulled eachother in finger swords (while \"Chilli\" attempted to become a \"wallabie hunter\" and catch some of the local wildlife.)

Once back on board we have set the sails (more than half of each watch climbing to the yards) and enjoyed relatively smooth sailing on the way to the Bass Straight.

After four days together the crew have not only gotten to know their watches but everyone aboard - making the Young Endeavour a home away from home.


We hope to make Eden some time tomorrow evening, wind and sea permitting. With the weather being kinder to us we should be able to focus on the sail training program and catch up on some of the lessons we missed out on earlier in the voyage.

Until tomorrow, me hearties,

Yours Aye


Chris Galloway
Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer