21° 6' South
149° 14' East
Wind southeasterly at 20 knots.
Yesterday afternoon the ship came to anchor on completion of Command Day near the appropriately named Round Top Island just south of Mackay. The small shelter provided in the lee of this island made
for an uncomfortable night at anchor, however with our youth crew's now iron stomachs, the only discomfort was the frustration involved when items not correctly stowed found new places of residence on the deck.

After anchoring the youth crew's Beach Ready Assault Team were tasked to find a bride for Brother Nootsie in an attempt to
please the 'Bringer of Wind' such that the winds would abate to a reasonable level, under 10 knots being defined as a reasonable level. Brother Nootsie chose to return to YOUNG ENDEAVOUR for the occasion,
and whilst being pleasantly suprised and delighted with the offerings made, unfortunately forgot to turn of the wind when he returned to his mythical residence, believed to be somewhere in the staff four

A rather exhausted youth crew mustered on deck after a scrumptious dinner for their final round of Rope Races. This hotly
contested round included all Watch Leaders singing a song when no one was able to locate the part of ship as directed by Engineer Rags. Even Rags' plan backfired on him when he had to sing a song after not
being able to correctly identify the four ropes on board the ship.

Congratulations to Blue Watch who won overall on points, and have the honour of laying aloft to the Topgallant for our arrival tomorrow.

A quiet (if uncomfortable) night gave way to an early start as the ship prepared for the Half Day Sail, with Life Stream
Foundation of Mackay. The arrival alongside Mackay Marina at 0900 in a relatively tight space with a larger than usual ship was carried out successfully due to excellent line handling by the staff crew and their able assistants.

Our guests from Life Stream Foundation came onboard and the Ship departed the berth at 1000. Life Stream Foundation aim to give
people with disabilities the opportunity to experience things they would not normally have the chance of doing, and sailing a tall ship is one such experience. As the ship cleared the harbour sails were set and YOUNG ENDEAVOUR made its way to the north east of Slade Island. The youth crew and our guests interacted very well, and
everyone was fully involved with sail handling, until the swell started to take its toll on our guests and the recently consumed donuts, cream buns and flavoured milks started to reappear all over
the ship.

The decision was made to come in at 1200 and continue the program alongside, thus the ship berthed one hour early. The re-
emergence of appetites was met with a selection of meat pies, sausage
rolls, small pizza's and sushi, followed by a large birthday cake, celebrating the first birthday of Life Stream. Thankfully the stable environment alongside ensured the only belly aches were caused by eating too much great food.

This afternoon the youth crew will carry out their end of voyage talks, present an act at the Ship's Concert (SOD's Opera) and
enjoy a pleasant night alongside.

Young Endeavour Fact File:
YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is 44m (144ft) long, 7.8m (26ft) wide and has a draught of 4.2m. The Yards increase the beam to 13m, however this can be mitigated by bracing them hard to port or starboard or cockbilling for coming alongside. \YOUNG
ENDEAVOUR does not always handle in a conventional manner when manoeuvring using main engines. The underwater shape aft, low engine power, windage aloft and close proximity of the two propellers are all influential factors\" (YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Navigation Data Book)

Thought of the Day:
\"I am glad I did it, partly because it was well worth it,
and chiefly beacuase I shall never have to do it again\"
Huckleberry Finn

Yours Aye,

Phil Gaden
Acting Commanding Officer

Pat, 22, Melbourne

Wow! What an experience. This voyage has had the lot. Two days of everyone hurling followed by strong winds which made for great sailing. The islands we visited were fantastic. Overall an experience that will never be forgotten. Wishing Dad a happy 60th for last Sunday and hope everyone is well back in cold old Melbourne town.
The salty sea dog will be home soon. xo

Nathan, 23, Bangor

Today was the icing on the cake, after an amazing 9 days of sailing we were able to share our knowledge with the Life Stream Group and a local primary school taking them on a 2 hour sail around Mackay. It
was a fantastic day for all aboard. Weather here is great. See you soon.

Nic, 22, TAS

WOW!! this is the most amazing xperience. words really can not describe just how much fun and amazing and all the rest that this
trip has been. the last 10 days have been jam packed with the most amazing experiences - and all things I would never get the chance to do outside of here. I've climbed the t'gallant, been elected xo for
command day which was amazing but a also a bit stressful - I had to call all the tacks and change of direction - which I must say that the 10 tacks called overnight did not make me a popular person!!! still, fun was had by all - and I can proudly say I was one of about only 3 or 4 who didn't lose my guts overboard!