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Current Situation at 1800: In Hervey Bay, Wind 090 - 5kts, Temp 17, a beautiful evening
Overnight all youth crew successfully climbed to the top of the mast and out on to the topgallant yard to tie and untie some gaskets and to share some jokes aloft. Then all hands were called on deck bright and early this morning for some morning activity just as the moon was setting and the sun was rising.

Following a guest Hunchback 'ringing the bells' at 8 o'clock this morning, salty sea puppy tales, happy hour and a yummy morning tea, anchor was weighed and Young Endeavour motored (as there is still no wind) from Gladstone Harbour to sea accompanied by several dolphins. Enroute, Captain Safety, who has beefed up and aged considerably since his last performance, conducted a safety brief.

After lunch the youth crew conducted deck safety and setting and furling drills prior to carrying out two successful tacks before the wind dropped. Today has been a long and tiring day, but judging by the smiles and not too much 'fish feeding' everyone is having a great time.

Youth crew entry by Karla Moynihan, 23, of Brisbane and Katie Neander, 17, of Bendigo.
The term 'an experience of a lifetime' has certainly come true for us. Beautiful sunny days and calm seas have made it a 'seasickness free' trip for us so far, although some have not been so fortunate. The sunsets and moonrises have been spectacular and we'd know because we have seen them all. Today was a long and busy day, learning to set sails, tack and climb the 35 metres above deck, up the mast and then along the yard arm. And it is certainly far from over. The night watches and early morning starts make for long and tiresome days, although a huge bonus is the delicious food prepared by our chef Ange.

We are getting to know the other YC members very well and the friendly staff crew help keep up great morale. Overall we are having the time of our lives and cannot wait to find out what other challenges lie ahead of us in the next 8 days - Karla and Katie.

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Andrew Davis