26° 46' South
153° 16' East
Approaching end point of command day. Wind: Sou'East at 25 knots, Temp:21c, Cloud: 4/8.
Situation at 07:00 -

Post elections saw plenty of night time discussions during the anchor watches in preparation for the command day. There was
much excitement, as well as the expected butterflies in the stomach. Being at anchor meant that most of the crew were able to get \a good night's sleep\" before launching into command day.

'Wakey Wakey' saw more of the musical talents that we have on board, as well as the ever present desire to continue to sleep
for as long as possible. When all were awake and had another wonderful morning meal, the handover for command day took place. The youth crew were in high spirits and eager to start what would be a challenging day. The first task to be completed was an amusing morning brief which was filled with our own versions of salty sea dog sayings and unusual theatrical presentations from the 'new' crew members (staff crew). XO-Sprinta (Phil Edwards) was able to inform the crew of the plan for the day and all crew went happily to commence the day with ... Happy Hour (cleaning stations).

At 08:30 the Beach Assault Team (BAT) was sent off to try and muster as many people ashore to support the youth of Australia, on the Young Endeavour, by singing the national anthem on the beach. Their task was made all the more difficult by the squalls sweeping Cylinder Beach this morning. Through their persistence and enthusiasm the team was able to convince 28 people to come out into
the pouring rain on a cold windy morning to sing the anthem as the crew on the Young Endeavour looked on from the ship and heard their relayed broadcast.

At approximately 1030 the crew were at tacking stations and were setting the sails and weighing anchor. After some early nerves the elected Command Team, Crew Watch Leaders, and crew members were proud to be in control of the tall ship STS YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. Our youth crew Navigators Keira and Joel, had us plotted for our first
way point, and we were well and truly underway.

`Lunch', this was definately a high point as the food was fantastic, prepared again by our youth crew, and it was great to sit
back for a short while and imerse ourselves in conversation whilst replenishing our energy stores from the mornings activities.

Evening came eventually after a day that was long for some and short for others but for both it was very wet at times and very choppy. In the late evening, we experienced heavier winds than we have experienced through the whole trip. It was quite a challenge, but one that we all pulled through together. Our current position is
just shy of our last waypoint. It will be quite tricky trying to slow this speeding ship down in these high winds, in order to arrive on time and not before time. Fingers crossed !

Youth Crew Captain

Well Done to the Youth Crew for accepting the challenge of taking command of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR and successfully sailing her to the
entrance to Moreton Bay. Only a little over a week ago these 24 individuals came together and immediately started working as a team, gaining skill and confidence every day. They have shown how a lack of expertise cannot defeat enthusiaism and teamwork. BZ (Navy speak for well done) to Captain Shail and the entire Youth Crew for the
tremendous effort and imagination they have shown.
Yours, Aye

John Cowan