Voyage name: 
V05B/15 - Passage Five - Part B
09 August 2015
56 degrees 24 minutes North
7 degrees 36 minutes East

Currently located just of the West Coast of Denmark and enjoying light to moderate SSE winds with a 1m SW swell. Current speed is 4kts and the temperature is 17 degrees.

Welcome to day 7 of our voyage.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 7 of our voyage. Today has been a relaxed Sunday at sea with a sleep in, Sunday Roast and a few activities thrown in just to keep everyone on their toes. The weather has improved so we are back enjoying our sailing and having just come off watch I can assure you that it is a beautiful evening here in the North Sea.

Time is slipping by and it is now only four days until we arrive in Bremerhaven so starting overnight we will be handing more of the responsibility of running the ship over to the World Voyagers. During this period we will also be testing their teamwork, sailing and navigation skills by setting them challenges as a watch and collectively as a crew. One of these challenges has already commenced with Blue watch having to navigate to a waypoint then conduct a one watch wear around this point. Looking at my chart plotter screen in my cabin as I write this Log they appear to being doing a very good job.

It is back to White Watch writing this evenings Captains Log so please enjoy tonight’s edition written by Scout and Sam. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


Ahoy! Scout and Sam reporting live from the Bridge on the Last Dog Watch!

Our day began for breakfast at 7am, before we were on watch at 8. We started the day with a warm fuzzy activity – we all came up with three words to describe each other and read them aloud. This set us up with a positive mindset for our morning climb! Today we reached a milestone for White Watch as Scout and Sam got up to the Topsail Yard (the middle yard) and conquered their fears in windy conditions. Climbing is getting easier every day and we are getting really good at it. We are all really pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone and learning a lot about our strengths and weaknesses in the process.

The Captain gave the ship another sleep-in (which sadly white watch didn’t get to participate in today) so most of the Crew were tucked safely away out of the wind while we climbed and practiced setting sails for tomorrows Captains Challenge. No rest for the wicked!

After yet another delicious lunch from Marcus, some of us decided to take advantage of the beautiful sunshine and do some washing. If only we had a crystal ball which would warn us of the impending weather – maybe Scout wouldn’t have lost her favourite pair of long johns to the sea… 

One lucky person on the Coast of Denmark will soon find themselves with a new pair of Scouts’ pants, a soggy bun, and a rotten egg following our egg drop challenge yesterday and washing today 

Another tacking stations activity saw White Watch excel, and it’s showing that practice really does make perfect. During the exercise we had a try at being in Command, Sailmaster and Helmsperson. Our watch is one of the loudest on the ship and we are looking forward to showing what we’ve learnt at the Captain Challenge.

After tacking we got into another round of Ropies! Round 5 was all about the Main Squares. We had a brilliant stack on the deck from Jess, Blue Watch dominated and for the Bonus Round we all busted out some insane Air Guitar!

Seasickness is still haunting some of us, as the seas have been quite rough over the last couple of days, as is the lergy that’s been passed around the ship. Never fear – Doctor Nick opened up his sea clinic this afternoon in the Staff mess and we are all going to survive – just a few more oranges and lots of water and we’ll soon all be on the mend. Amber’s amazing singing has really helped boost the morale of all the ill. She’s definitely the best singer on the entire ship!

After more food, another watch, we are hitting the sack after another awesome day on the sea!

Bremerhaven is so close now – 3 more days and we will be sailing into the Sail Bremerhaven Festival, and we will be able to get onto dry land and get in touch with our loved ones.

‘You just have to sail with it’

White Watch

Crashing hull upon the waves
All things stay within good faith
Sun and rain upon the deck,
still she does demand respect
Blazing blues and setting rains
Can only enhance her grace
Its fair that she should see
All the best that man can be
No atom bombs, no holocaust
No profit line, no margin lost
Young Endeavour

Letters Home

To the hairy pig – I hope the house is still standing and you’ve got that lego car built! We’ll be in port Wednesday and I can’t wait to hear your voice. Tell Helga, Mum and Sarzbears that I’m thinking of them all the time. Please give Rosie and Simba a cuddle for me..Missing you and our Saturday breakfast. Lots of love, Sam xx

Dear Mumma Bear, I am missing you so much, can’t wait to get home and give you a big cuddle. Love you biggest xx Scout PS I have scurvy

Sending out a big hello and much love to my Irish and Northern Territory families and friends. Also a big Happy Birthday to Miss Ava Milkins! Lots of love, Jonesy xx