38 degrees 18 minutes South
25 degrees 20 minutes East

Currently located 450nm to the SE of Cape Town and experiencing light to moderate ENE winds with .5m swell. Our current speed is 7kts and the temperature is 15 degrees.

Welcome to day 6 of our voyage.

This morning we awoke to a completely different ocean than the one that we have experienced the past three days. Gone were the headwinds and confused swell which had made life at sea rather unpleasant for our new mariners and in its place we had calm seas, a gentle breeze, a beautiful blue sky and to top it all off it was warm, what a great start to the day.

Morning brief was a light hearted affair with everyone excited about it being a Saturday and knowing that the only planned activity for the day was cleaning stations (Happy Hour) and keeping their watch. Most have made the most of this ‘down time’ by doing some washing, catching up on some sleep, writing journals or watching this afternoons movie which was The Water Deviner.

While all this has been occurring we have continued to make reasonable speed to the south east still chasing stronger favourable winds which we know are coming but we are becoming a little impatent and would really like them now.

Currently we are located 450nm SE of Cape Town still motor sailing in light to moderate 8-14kt ENE winds with a .5m swell.

Volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log is Blue Watches Nic and Taylor, please enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye
Captain Gav


The morning began with a cheerful tune from our residential flutist Dougie, followed by a rendition of the Games of Thrones theme song by White Watch. Breakfast followed before our watch commenced at 0800. The highlight of the watch being four of the bravest souls in Blue Watch climbing to the Top Gallant yard, highest point of the ship, to gasket the sail, while three others of the watch relaxed and watched the ocean from the lower top, which is a wooden platform about 10 metres above deck. It was a rather spectacular sight to see endless water and albatross soaring alongside the ship.

A delicious lunch followed this, and then a relaxing afternoon filled with games of cards, reading, sleeping and movies. This has been our first relaxing day since we embarked the ship, and has placed everyone in good spirits. Today also turned the ship into an endless clothes line, with clothes being hung from the most creative of places.

A beautiful roast pork and roast lamb dinner, with a chocolate mousse topped with raspberries to finish the meal down. We have now taken over watch from White Watch at 1800 till 2000, which will incorporate a sunset climb. We will then have an early rise tomorrow morning to do the 0400 till 0800 watch.

Nic and Taylor (Blue Watch)


Hi Mum! Thanks for hiding the kit kat in my bag. I’m almost over my sea sickness so I might crack her open in celebration. Xxxx Clauds p.s have you returned my library books?

Tim(Red Watch) Happy birthday Lyssa, hope you are having a great day and enjoying seeing everyone, will be home soon (p.s. keep your phone on this morning!)

Big hello to Davey, Mum, Dad and my sisters, love Taylor xxx

Mum, Dad, Emma, Pa, Kabuki, and Planti- Hello! Things are well in the Indian Ocean, missing you all. Special thanks to Mum for organising me so much, wouldn’t have been able to do this trip without her, and all of your love and support. See you all in a few weeks! Love Nic xo

To the Grays - you might have read that I was a little seasick the other day (sorry Jamie!), but I’m all good now and kicking on! Time to go for a sunset climb! Dyl. P.S. Love you Neeks ;-)

Shout out to Oprah! Rebecca.