39° 2' South
146° 32'
Current situation at 1800: At sea in Bass Strait just east of Wilsons Promontory. Wind light and variable.Temp 12C.
Last night was fairly bumpy as we ran down the coast on a beam reach with the swell rolling us around. By morning we had rounded the southernmost tip of mainland Australia and just after morning tea arrived at the sheltered Refuge Cove.

'Phew' was the collective sigh from the YC. They had done it tough on their first day and the view that greeted them as we arrived at anchor was worth the wait. After a navigation lecture and lunch we headed ashore to the nearest pristine beach. The afternoon was very enjoyable. Some played sport, some climbed to a vantage point overlooking the ship and others bushwalked. Back onboard later we did some more climbing - this time aloft. After dinner we sailed and headed east. The wind has dropped considerably and so has the sea. (phew again...) In two days time we should reach Eden after passing by the Bass Strait Oil Rigs.

Youth crew entry by Daniel Condy, age 16, from Swan Hill, VIC.... hey all, hows things at home? I think I am getting better. Dad you jinxed me when you told me I was going to get sick but what can I do about it? I climbed the full 30 metres of the mast and felt ok. So say hi to all the dogs and the duck. The seas have been rough the past two days. I cannot wait until I get to Eden so I can call you guys. I am having a lot of fun now. We have been at anchor at refuge bay today and that was good. I was the first to hurl so therefore I should be the first to stop (well that is what I think). I am on watch in about 30 minutes so I will write again soon. I have to get my gear on and get on deck. I WILL be fine. So I will see you guys soon. When Net calls tell her I said hi and I am having a hell of a time. So catch ya later in sea sickness and health bye.

Stay tuned,
Andrew Davis