Voyage name: 
33 degrees 54 minutes South
18 degrees 25 minutes East

Currently berthed at Jetty No 2 at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town and experiencing light 4-8kt SE winds with nil swell. Current temperature is 18 degrees. 

Hi Everyone, 

Welcome to day 1 of our voyage. Well Passage Eight which is the final passage of Young Endeavours World Voyage officially started at 1600 today when our new Crew joined the ship at the V&A Waterfront here in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Once our new World Voyagers had been introduced to their Watch Leader and allocated a bunk and locker they were shuttled to Immigration and Customs so that they could have their Passports stamped and can now legally depart South Africa tomorrow. 

Once back onboard it was time for dinner with Chef Jenko giving everyone a small taste of the great food that he will be serving throughout this voyage. Once completed Kenny as the Sail Master for this voyage mustered everyone on deck so that they could be introduced to all of the Staff Crew which was followed by my Captains Chat which highlights what we will be achieving throughout this voyage. Once finished I had handed quickly over to Dougie for his very important safety brief. 

The time is now 2000 and Kenny has just commenced the harness and climbing brief which leads us into first night climbs. 

Despite our late start due to the immigration passport stamping requirements we are still progressing well and I am sure that we will get the majority of first day training requirements completed by late tonight.

You can expect to hear from me and the World Voyagers every night until we reach Fremantle. 

Here are our fantastic Staff Crew for this voyage: 

Captain – Gav 
Sail Master – Kenny
Navigator – Evan 
BOATSO – Adam 
Red Watch Leader – Shaun 
White Watch Leader – Dougie 
Blue Watch Leader – Marcos 
Chef – Jenko 
Engineer – Horto 
Doctor – Nick 
Super – Megan 

As I need to go and assist with first night climbs I had better finish here.

Until tomorrow, take care. 

Yours Aye 
Captain Gav