13° 56' South
127° 19'
CO's Log Wednesday 4 July 2001

Situation at 1800: At anchor near the entrance to King George River, WA. Wind Light and variable. Temperature 27 degrees.
We made good progress again overnight arriving off King George River at first light this morning. Today was a classic example of a beaut WA day. We spent the day running boat trips up the River to be entranced by the spectacular array of colours that only the Kimberley can provide and took the opportunity to be splashed by the waterfalls at its beginnings.

On deck we were treated to a navigation lecture, a bit of time in the little pool and some fishing (in the BIG pool). We are getting ready to depart the anchorage now for another top night at sea heading further West.

Hope all's well ashore.

Matthew Rowe

Youth Crew Entry by Emily Maclean, 21 of Sydney.
We can't believe that it is only third day at sea, and with everyone over their seasickness, we are all having the best time on the waters of the Timor Sea! Scaling the mast, and exploring the magnificent Kimberleys have been huge highlights and everyone is quickly mastering setting the sails. Must go now, am on the 12-4am watch tonight! Having the best time, love to everyone, MT, mum in England, Sarah. xoxo

Youth Crew Entry by Janice Jeffries, 21 of Melbourne.
Well guys the journey started off great. I slept pretty well the first night until 4am when I woke for my shift. I managed to hold on to my stomach until the perfect moment arose 30m up the mast when I painted the deck yellow. It settled down that evening, which was great, but then as my luck goes I got too much sun, and too little water and to those who know me, all I can say is: Soup. However recovering well and the Kimberleys are just great. Sending love to my baby Tim and to Dad, Mum, Pin and Tom. I miss you guys. All is sweet. I am keeping positive and don't stress dad I'm drinking enough now. mawah tim.