38° 26' South
144° 46' East
Currently 6nm to the NW of Cape Shank and enjoying a 20kt south westerly with a 1m swell
Ahoy Shipmates,

This morning started bright and early with a 0630 Early Morning Activity (EMA) which was followed by the normal Young Endeavour big breakfast. At 0755 the YC were mustered on the port side of the bridge and introduced to the traditional ceremony of colours (raise flag and sing National Anthem) and morning brief. On completion it was straight into their first set of cleaning stations (Happy Hour) followed by a very comprehensive safety equipment brief given by Katie the ships safety equipment specialist. While these activities were occurring Staff took the opportunity to strike the ships awning and weigh anchor. At 1000 Young Endeavour departed her anchorage at Hobson's Bay and commenced the long pilotage out of Port Phillip Bay. Throughout the day the Youth Crews primary focused was learning safety on deck and sail setting and furling drills. Again the weather was extremely hot with a maximum temperature of 45c, which was the second highest temperature ever recorded in Melbourne. Given this heat we continued to remind the YC of the need to hydrate and to maintain a good coating of sunscreen. We also assisted the cooling process by stopping the ship on two separate occasions throughout the day and enjoying a refreshing swim in the surprisingly clear water of Port Phillip Bay. By 1615 we were 6nm from Rye and all of the Watch Leaders had reported in that they were happy with the safety standards of their watches. Given this information tacking stations were called and the YC proved that they had ���hoisted in�� the past 24 hours of instruction by successfully completing their first set of tacks as a crew. On completion of the last tack we strategically positioned ourselves in the Main Channel and under a freshening southerly completed the final 12nm of our pilotage out of Port Phillip Bay under sail. On passing safely through the Rip and entering Bass Strait we were greeted by a pleasant 1m swell and an 18kt south westerly, which were better conditions than we had expected. Once in clear water the ship was bought under full plain sail and a course shaped to the south east. Overnight the YC will settle into their watch routines as the Ship continues to make ground across Bass Strait.

Until Tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav