16° 51' South
145° 52' East
At anchor off Cairns in position 16 51 S, 145 52 E. Wind:Sou'East at 25 kts, Temp:26c, Cloud:8/8 in rain.
Situation at 21:00-

At 06:30 all hands were called on deck to participate in a special early morning activity-scrubbing the rust stain from the
bulwarks and the superstructure. This was in preparation for the half day sail. At 08:00 we weighed anchor and proceeded into Cairns
harbour. The weather for which Queensland is famous was nowhere in sight and the rain bucketted down.

Once alongside the Trinity Wharf in Cairns, we embarked guests from three different organisations dedicated to providing care
to young Australians with intellectual disabilities. This was an opportunity for the Youth Crew to host our guests and show off their Ship. They did a terrific job, and despite the weather, the event was a great experience for everyone. Due to the weather we didn't venture outside the harbour limits but had a terrific tour of the Cairns
waterfront. We arrived back alongside at 12:00 and after thanking us for the chance to experience a tallship, our guests waved goodbye.

The afternoon was taken up with two activities. First of all,the square sails needed to be harbour furled. The Youth Crew laid aloft to complete this task, the purpose of which is to protect the
sails from the elements and provide a smart appearance. The next activity was the end of voyage talks. The Youth Crew discuss their
highs and lows of the voyage and offer suggestions on how to improve the youth development program. There were a few tears shed as the realisation struck home that the voyage will soon be over.

After supper Navigator Spanky mustered the Youth Crew and distributed the post voyage questionnaires and stationary for the
Youth Crew to write their six-month letters. These are letters they write to themselves describing what they are feeling and how the
voyage has impacted upon them. These letters are retained by the YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Youth Scheme for six months and then mailed to the
Youth Crew. They serve as a reminder of the voyage and can be a mechanism to re-kindle the enthusiasm they feel when the voyage ends.Overnight the Youth Crew will keep sea watches. This will give them the opportunity to say an extended farewell to one another and exchange messages in their copy of \The Life and Times of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR\".

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: During the voyage the Ship's Company consumed the following: 250 kg of meat, 30 kg of sea food,
120 litres of milk, 90 kg of fresh fruit, 60 kg of potatoes, 50 kg of fresh vegatables, 60 kg of bread including freshly baked rolls, 45 litres of fresh juice and 30 litres of Ice Cream.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Bulwark- The sides of the hull that extend above the upperdeck and effectively form a wall that protects
those working on deck from seas breaking inboard.

Thought of the Day: I've always believed that no matter how many shots I miss, I'm going to make the next one. Isiah Thomas.

Yours, Aye

John Cowan

To all the interesting souls that are out there reading this. What can I say bad about the Young Endeavour, well absolutaly nothing.If you're a person that is thinking about an adventure on this ship, don't hesitate just fill in the form and hope you are lucky enough to experience the amazing 10 day sailing that I and many others have had the privelage of doing. You are with a mix of people who are out there doing it for there own reasons, whether it be excitment,
challenging themselves or learning about others, whatever your desire it will be fulfilled. Before I came on the ship I had never been on a ship and after 10 days I was part of an incredible youth crew that sailed the ship by themselves to a distance of 100 miles, when do you ever get to do that. I better get off before I write a novel, or
before the Captain kicks me off.
bye bye
Nader from Sydney

Message from a weary sailor
As the voyage comes to a close many of us have taken a quiet moment to reflect on the days past. Friendships have been made that will last a life time, Many of us have changed in ways never imaginable.
e have come together as one, One mighty team who hold their heads high with pride and dignity. With these words I say stay be safe keep smiling we will all be home soon.