39° 10' South
145° 40'
25 miles west of Wilsons Promontory, heading south-east at two knots in light nor-easterly breeze. Temp 18, with some high thin cloud (cirro-stratus).
Yesterday we completed sail setting and furling and a couple of tacks on schedule before we departed Port Phillip Heads late in the evening. Conditions were calm so we had to motor initially but during the night a north-east breeze freshened sufficiently to allow us to set fore and aft sails and shut the engines down. Along with the breeze came increased seas and our first spate of seasickness, but the watches bravely battled on including climbing aloft.

This morning Youth Crew met the challenge of happy hour (cleaning stations) with the ship dancing merrily around them. We have just completed a couple of consolidation tacks in the now dying airs and the Youth Crew are well on their way to becoming salty tall ship sailors. Now its more sail handling as we clew up squares and furl fore and afts and start the engines again to put some miles behind us.

Still hopeful for some fresher winds over the next couple of days and some good sailing.

See you tomorrow.

Cap'n Bob