12° 12' South
130° 45' East
Co 050, Sp 3, Wind NW 8 kts, Temp 24 C
Good evening readers,

Today we thought we would throw a curve ball at the YC and they have been given a second chance at Command Day. I claimed that my crew needed a rostered day off and were threatening mutiny. As such I suggested to the YC that if they wanted to get to Darwin it would be up to them. So once again I have handed over the ���keys' to the ship; hopefully the lessons learnt in the first Command Day will be applied. I expect some will be re-learned. A new team were quickly elected and in fairly short order we were making way towards our first way point. However, sailing in the Beagle Gulf is proving difficult with strong tidal streams and variable winds. So far so good but I can sense frustration creeping in. Watch this space.

Below are the words by our YC Captain Steve.

Yours aye

Andrew ���Gunna' Rourke
Commanding Officer

Each day we are taken by surprise, and today was no exception. The challenges we have faced have stretched us to our outer limits as we have attempted to command this amazing ship. Nearing the end of our voyage we are physically drained but remain mentally strong and determined. For a second time the inspiring Young Endeavour crew have handed over command to our hard working Youth crew. Yet again we have selected a team to take us on an adventure of a life time. While it may seem silly, we are literally going in circles just outside of Darwin. For giggles the crew thought it would be funny for us to practice our sailing skills for one last time. As we attempt to pass through way points, alpha, beta, delta and gamma as many times as we can we are faced with the never ending tidal currents that lap the Darwin shores and the flukey winds.

For many of us, if not all of us; this trip has changed who we are. While the lessons may be widely different, I have found that the simple things in life now mean the world to me. No longer am I tied down by the mundane events of life, I have been inspired to expand my horizons throwing caution to the wind and placing my trust in where the wind will take us. I never thought I would establish the bonds I have with the people I have met, and I have made friends I will keep for life. This ship will forever stay close to my heart, the experiences and people have forever changed my life.

Steve (Youth Crew Captain)