31° 0' South
153° 8' East
Wind Easterly 10 knots, sea slight, swell SSE at 2M, fine, clear, 19 deg C.
Ahoy Me Hearties,

A busy 24 hours we have had! The team did a topjob yesterday and we achieved our goal of being able to tack the ship as a crew by sunset last night. Overnight we settled into watches and by this morning, most of the Youth Crew had been through steering, lookout, and rounds duties.

The day was a bit warmer than earlier in the week, and so after morning brief (Sumo makes an outstanding Baby for Son of a Gun, and Nanna Deisel was introduced to the Yoth Crew - \She cleans up after you, you do something for Nanna...) we had \"Happy Hour\".

Jazz gave the team a navigation lecture this morning while we sailed along, and by early afternoon the wind had died out so we handed and sea furled most of the sails, and are presently motoring under the main stays'l alone. YC Shelly and Simone are currently busy navigating the ship, while the rest of their watch are absorbing the detail of this afternoon's sail theory lecture.

I am hopeful of getting to anchor tomorrow forenoon off Yamba, although the swell is still a bit big and may not allow us to stay there for long. If can stay, we will put the youth crew ashore for a leg stretch. Most of the sea sickies are over thier temporary condition, and I must say how impressed I am at the way everyone is working hard despite feeling the effects of it.

The weather is on the improve and it looks like plain sailing from here!

Until tomorrow, ye scurvy lot,

Yours Aye,

Captain Chris."