33° 43' South
151° 26' East
Wind SSE 15-20 knots, swell SE 2-3 Metres sea moderate
Ahoy Shipmates,

Welcome to the voyage log for V05/08. I will be updating the Captain's Log daily in the afternoon/early evening, detailing the events of the day.

After we waved farewell to families and friends at Woolloomoolloo yesterday, we went directly to anchor in Taylor's Bay in outer Port Jackson. Once there we got into ice-breakers, ship's tours and initial safety induction. After an awesome dinner (Great Laksa Simon!) we enjoyed our first climb in the bracing conditions - the good news is that everyone made it to the top of the mast (34m) and came back to tell the story! Everyone turned in at 2300 and had a long seven and a half hours sleep before \wakee wakee\" and Early Morning Activity at 0630 this morning.

Today so far we have worked pretty hard - from moring brief and happy hour first thing, to deck drills and safety brief. After a leisurely lunch, we weighed anchor and headed out to sea at 1230. We are now some 10nm to seaward of the entrance to the Hawkesbury River, with the Youth Crew being trained in setting and furling sails. By sunset this evening we need the team to be able to tack the ship as a crew, and we are working towards that goal well.

We will spend the next 36 hours at sea making miles towards Brisbane. All things being equal, we will be able to anchor off the Clarence River entrance at Yamba some time on Thursday.

For now, all are in good spirits, although many are suffering from seasickness in the slightly uncomfortable conditions. I'll let you know tomorrow how we fare tonight! Untile then,


Yours Aye

Captain Chris"