30° 0' South
153° 57' East
Wind SSE 15 knots, sea state low, clear and sunny.
Ahoy Me Hearties,

'ere we be, motorsailing off the NSW coast near Coff's Harbour - The weather has eased significantly and we are now making good time towards Sydney, and looking good for our arrival.

Seasickness is pretty much a thing of the past, with everyone having gained their \sea legs\". Today we finished off the last couple of lessons in preparation for Command Day, with Sail Theory, the Bear Exercise and \"Apples and Onions\" (an exercise in giveing and recieving critcism) and demonstration tacks (to learn how to take charge of taking the ship).

Tomorrow we will have final preparations for Command Day, including elections, and all things being equal, the big day out should start late tomorrow afternoon/evening.

To tell you about his voyage so far, here is YC Ben:

Hi all it's been a great run once we got out of Bris Vegas, we all found our sea legs, even me after being the sickest dog on board.

Every one is having a great time here the weather is great its blue skys and clear sailing from here. just a quick hi to my mon and family and rosa, sorry about not calling had no time see every one soon.

YC Ben

Well team, until tomorrow,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer"