39° 26' South
149° 45' East
Wind NNE 10 knots, sea calm, clear and warm
Ahoy Shipmates,

Here we are in beautiful northerly weather crossing a very calm and accommodating Bass Strait. Where are the big winds and seas we usually associate with the roaring forties? Don't know, just happy that it is all plain sailing!

Today we sailed for most of the day, but as the wind has died out this evening we are motoring to keep pace with the fleet. So far today we have passed (or been passed) by a heap of the competing yachts. The radio schedules have been going well, with the ship assisting JBW (the primary radio relay vessel) with the relay job by passing position reports from the yachts towards the back of the fleet.

The Youth Crew have been working hard keeping the ship underway and sailing under as much canvas as possible. Today we had a navigation theory lecture, followed by a round of \rope races\" and deck sports. Later in the day we watched a video of Sean Langman's yacht \"Maluka\" and her participation in last year's race.

Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to spend a short time at anchor in Wineglass Bay, before we rejoin the fleet.

Until tomorrow, shipmates,

Yours Aye


Chris Galloway
Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer