40° 24' South
144° 8' East
The weather is unusually calm for Bass Strait, with a light south
easterly, a slight sea and a low swell from the Southern Ocean
Hello everyone,

Another great YOUNG ENDEAVOUR day...

After early morning activity at 0630 we had another great breakfast
from Cafe a la Speedy, and got into \Happy Hour\" where we cleaned the

We sailed from our mediterranean moor (at anchor with the stern of
the ship tied to the wharf) at Grassy Harbour at 1000 this morning
and headed out towards Stanley in the north west of Tassie. After
setting all of the fore and aft sails we had another great lunch, and
a bit of a relax before Suzie's fantabulous navigation lecture. Later
today we will conduct \"rotational tacks\" where everyone will swap
tacking stations so they know what everyone else does.
Nobody seems to be seasick since we sailed, so the spewometer remains
at low - a pleasant change after the first part of the week!

Until Monday (no log will be posted on Friday),

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer "