40° 4' South
144° 4' East
Ahoy Shipmates,

What a great 24 hours! After leaving the relative peace and security
of Port Philip Bay yesterday we finished off our deck safety and
tacking drills, and practised tacking the ship as a crew - what a
Buzz. The wind was steady from the South East overnnight and we made
excellent time, coming alongside at Grassy Harbour in King Island
late this morning.

Enroute, although the weather was not that rough we had plenty of
seasick people. But the work goes on and so we had to fight
through... Lots of relieved people once we got into harbour. This
afternoon we had a bus tour of the island, followed by an excellent
BBQ and three-way talks. These are where we introduce ourselves as
other members of the crew and have to tell thier story - great fun.

Tomorrow we wil sail late morning for another night at sea on passage
to the \Nut\" at Stanley, Tasmania, where we will stay at anchor
overnight, before returning to the mainland.

Until tomorrow,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer